The Top 3 Roulette Systems - reviewed and rated

Everybody wants to know are there any Roulette Systems on the market today that actually work and can make you money? After months of research we’ve concluded that although we’ve not found any one single system that can make you rich overnight, there are some systems which do seem to do what they claim.

Here are our TOP 3 winning Roulette Systems


1) - The Flaming Torch Roulette System - by

Winning Roulette System

The FlamingTorch Roulette System is by far the most professional and ease to use system we tested.  In this system there is no progression used, which makes a welcome change from other roulette systems on the market.  The system is quite simple to use and very easy to understand. It works by the player placing a flat bet on the table, for each and every spin. Surprisingly, it works very well, and in our tests we made a £150.00 profit using the system for 15 minutes.  There are some things to watch out for, times when you make a loss instead of a win, but the amount you win quickly makes up for the minor losses.

There is a video demo on their website which you can view and see the system in action.  The good thing about this roulette system is that they provide you with a video and ebook - not just an ebook.  It’s easy to follow, the video is engaging and informative - everything you would expect from a quality product.  The product is available to instantly download too.  The makers website is very classy and functional, and the cost of the system is very reasonable.


Profitability9/10  |  Ease of Use10/10 

Value for Money9/10  |  Online Use8/10

Notes: For online use, stick to Live Dealer sites for the best results.



2) - Casino Buster System - by

There are some outrageous claims on their website, such as “The FIRST and ONLY Roulette System in the world that is 100% guaranteed to win! Leave the casino with a winning - every time!” - which we must point out is completely false.

However we used this system and did make some money.  For this reason we’ve ranked it number 2 in our top 3 roulette systems, because making money is what the whole system is for.  Unfortunately, we paid over £100.00 ($200USD) for this system which is a big price tag for such a system, which ultimately did not work out anywhere near as well as the makers claimed.

Compared to other systems on the market this one performed well, but not as well as the FlamingTorch system which of course is our number one choice.  If this system was A LOT cheaper to buy and if it worked half as well as the makers claimed, we’d all be winners.


Profitability7/10  |  Ease of Use8/10 

Value for Money5/10  |  Online Use2/10

Notes:  Do not use this system online, it will not work



3) - The Andruci System / - by

This system managed to win us a small amount of money, but they made the top 3 because the system is completely free of charge.  However, we must point out that their website is full of affiliate links to casinos where you can join up and play - obviously if you do this, the website owners will get a commission of your losses at that casino - so beware!  In addition, this *may* end up being the most expensive system you ever use (although free, doesn’t work too well).

The system bets only on the ‘Dozens’ (High, Medium, or Low) and uses progressive betting.  More information is on their website.  It’s a shame the makers sisn’t spend more time perfecting the system, rather than creating the site to appear to be free and helpful, when it’s real aim is to make commissiond from your losses at the casinos.  However, it can work and make you money at certain times, but with this system, it’s more down to luck than anything else.


Profitability7/10  |  Ease of Use7/10 

Value for MoneyN/A  |  Online Use5/10


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