Is Online Roulette Fair and Safe?

Anyone interested in playing roulette online is usually curious about the odds. Are the odds at an online casino fair? Are they the same as Vegas? Who determines the odds? Classically, roulette is completely random. There are little pegs and obstructions strewn around the wheel in an effort to have the ball bounce around a good bit before coming to rest. This randomness can be comforting to the gambler as it provides some security that you are not likely going to be ripped off. You can lose this feeling pretty easily with digital games like video slots and video poker machines, and yes, with online roulette. If this makes you uneasy about venturing online, check out some forums on online gambling and talk to some roulette players. I myself have won more than once playing online, so I can assure you it is entirely possible.

One growing solution to playing Roulette online, is to play at a Live Dealer casino.  These websites have a live video feed of a real croupier and real table, and each spin is truly random, as if you were there in person.  These are becoming more common and makes betting faster and more convenient.

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